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Union Cynologie
International Membership

Kennel Club USA is proud to announce its partnership with the Union Cynologie International known as the UCI.

The UCI is a German based organization with International ties throughout Europe and other countries around the world.  Kennel Club USA has named  Kennel Club International as the organization that will be offering to dog fanciers from all around the world an array of International Championships that you and your dog can be awarded.  Kennel Club International will offer International shows all across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Kennel Club International can be contacted at 301-868-8284 for more information.


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Kennel Club USA will accept a single dog registrations as long as it is accompanied with a minimum of a three generation pedigree from one of the approved Registries of the Kennel Club USA.  The following is a current list of Registries we recognize:

  • Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • American Kennel Club
  • United Kennel Club
  • Some Parent breed clubs and organization for breeds that are not recognized by one of the above registries.

The current fee to register a single dog is Twenty ($20.00) dollars.

Please click on the following links to download or complete the registration form online:


All litter registrations must be completely filled out and payment enclosed or paid online for the litter registration to be processed.  The sire and dam must be registered with the Kennel Club USA in order to register your litter with the Kennel Club USA.

Please click on the following links to download or complete the registration form online:

Single Dog Registration            Click for Litter Application