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Union Cynologie
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Kennel Club USA is proud to announce its partnership with the Union Cynologie International known as the UCI.

The UCI is a German based organization with International ties throughout Europe and other countries around the world.  Kennel Club USA has named  Kennel Club International as the organization that will be offering to dog fanciers from all around the world an array of International Championships that you and your dog can be awarded.  Kennel Club International will offer International shows all across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Kennel Club International can be contacted at 301-868-8284 for more information.


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KC USA extends an invitation to all dog fanciers throughout the world to join us thru twitter.

demoKennel Club USA offers you the dog fancier a place to interact with other dog fanciers thru out the world with our Twitter or Facebook sections of the site.

  Kennel Club USA is an all breed organization.  We recognize over 330 breeds from all around the world.  Kennel Club USA is comprised of three parts.  Part one is an all breed registry,
registering pure bred dogs. Part two is our all breed conformation dog shows.  Part three is our International titles from our partner in Germany the UCI. Kennel Club USA, has partnered with the Union Cynologie International. This is a German Based organization with ties to dog organizations around the world. Kennel Club International will be responsible for our International shows.

Kennel Club International will post it's calendar of events very soon.  A list of breeds that are eligible to obtain an International Championship will be posted on our website very soon.  For further information please call Robert at 301-868-8284 or Toll free: 1-800-248-3930.

  Kennel Club USA, is mainly a conformation dog show giving organization.  We will attempt to bring the fun back into the sport of showing your dog. Venues will be added to our calendar monthly. We hope to see you at one of our shows. For more information please contact us at 301-868-8284. or Toll free: 1-800-248-3930. Ask for Robert
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For more information call Robert at 301-868-8284. 

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